• We've recently used James's Motivational Map services to map all the employees at TDSi…we'll be using the tool to help focus the business along process delivery lines rather than traditional departmental boxes. I'm glad we did it.

    John Davies


  • He has not only injected renewed enthusiasm, but helped instigate a seed of change in attitudes and practices for the better. All our staff have more potential than they realise. It just needs to be helped with a little 'James Sale' magic!

    James Martin


  • If you think you haven’t got time for a mentor, think again – James really can add genuine and measurable value to you both professionally and personally.

    Penny Jepson

    Deacon Insurance

  • James has a naturally engaging way of presenting and manages to keep an audience interested right up to the end.

    Frances Miles

It is always a real privilege to work with these talented people and I get as much out of our time together as I hope they do. For that, I am truly grateful.

James Sale