• I am proud to have known James for many years and worked with him on projects including the Prince’s Trust as well as he has added serious value over the years and great insight to my life and business aspirations.

    David Dean


  • I have already used some of the techniques with my sales team and obtained some great results. In particular we have increased our new Business meeting hit rate from 5 to 25 which is great news!

    Russell Atkins


  • James has a naturally engaging way of presenting and manages to keep an audience interested right up to the end.

    Frances Miles

  • The results of my team’s motivational maps have brought about a really positive effect on the business. I have learnt what really makes my team ‘tick’, which has helped me to adjust my management style. This has resulted in an even happier workforce as well as gaining enhanced results for the business!

    Emma Ansell

    Mushroom Marketing Ltd