• James is Mr Motivator as far as I am concerned, he has done some brilliant motivational team days for us over the years and everybody finds them very energetic and inspiring.

    Simon Annicchiarico

    Appius International

  • I was asked the question "who is an inspirational leader in Dorset"... with out doubt the person who I have been consistently uplifted by is James, his whole energy is empowering and he leads through self realization.

    Ross Thornley

    RT Media

  • James' Motivational Maps recognise the key importance of understanding motivation in order to get the best out of other people. The analysis is insightful, the explanation clear and concise, and the value certain.

    Ian Williams

  • Makes you feel very comfortable in talking/discovering more about myself and is very encouraging & inspirational in suggesting solutions to confrontations in my personal life.

    Sam Davis


It is always a real privilege to work with these talented people and I get as much out of our time together as I hope they do. For that, I am truly grateful.

James Sale